Relearn the agility that made you great

Agile organisations create the surprises, they are never the victims. Start-ups and established small businesses are agile by default, they have to be to compete. While large organisations gain resilience through sheer size, they lose agility. Complacency may set in or, more likely, obstacles are created through governance layers that grinds decision making to a halt. Worse still, organisations lose the ability to communicate efficiently. They fail to adequately communicate purpose and task and fail to measure outcome to provide feedback.

Bryan helps organisations re-find the agility that made them great in the first place. By focusing on programs that create organisational performance and capability measuring and monitoring, Bryan helps organisations build a platform that delivers fast, effective decision making.


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“Bryan Whitefield’s capability assessment tool gave me valuable insight into the enablers we could put in place to help people be successful in their roles, through providing us with data about staff satisfaction aligned with our key areas of success and our risk profile.  Our managers appreciated the graphic presentation and the ability to drill into changes over time.  The ability to be targeted in specific themes was also valuable to us, along with targeting specific parts of the organisation.  Access went smoothly and turnaround times were well within my expectations. ”

Heather Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Good Beginnings

“By having the workshop structured around NGA, Bryan had all the participants more engaged. Utilizing current programs in general discussions demonstrated the need to be more proactive. Bryan asked all the hard questions.”

Darrel Lord, National Gallery of Australia