The problem with “Challenge” and “Oversight”

The last couple of weeks I have been pointing out some of the failings of the Three Lines of Defence (3LoD) Model of Risk Management. The red tape it creates and the outsourcing of responsibility for managing risk. However, there is something even worse about the 3LoD model. It has a fundamental flaw that risk and compliance functions…
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3LoD Resulted in Outsourcing Responsibility for Risk

Last week I pointed out that one of the failings of the Three Lines of Defence (3LoD) risk management model was that it created a whole lot of red tape as regulators looked for evidence of each line delivering on its promises. Another problem is that the implementation of the 3LoD model in many organisations has…
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3LoD Creates Red Tape

The last few weeks I have been blogging about Risk Leadership. I have covered why risk management has failed in many organisations, what the risk function should look like in the next decade and the leadership required from the risk function in the next decade.  While on the surface the Three Lines of Defence Model (3LoD) model seems like…
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What is needed for Risk Leadership 2020s style?

Last week my blog was about what your risk function should look to deliver in the 2020s. In it I suggested risk functions should deliver: “The kind of leadership that will ensure a culture where everyone leans in and takes accountability for managing the uncertainty surrounding their decision making”. Realistically, how are we going to do…
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What should your risk function deliver in the 2020s?

Last week I wrote about why risk management has been failing in many organisations. The reason I gave was because risk functions often don’t deliver much value to the business served. The root cause, risk professionals often overcomplicate things and business leaders switch off and assume the “talk to the hand” pose. So, the obvious answer…
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