Courage sprouts risk and opportunity

Being courageous with your decision making is key to adaptative leadership which I have been writing about for the last couple of weeks. Easy to say, yet you and I both know that courageous decisions are full of risk and opportunity. Will it work? What will it cost me? What unforeseen problems am I creating? Yet, the…
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Experiment to Stretch Your Teams

It is wonderous how adaptive we are and I as I wrote last week, adaptative leadership is key right now. Top of the list of my tips for exercising adaptive leadership is to experiment. Now I know we are all experimenting at the moment, one way or another, just to get by. However, with our incredible ability to…
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It’s time to slide back down the curve a bit

S-curves are beautiful things. They are wonderful for helping to decide where we are and where we want to be. From what I have heard and observed this week, it is time to slide back down the curve a bit. Let me explain. The figure below is the one I show to boards and executives…
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The 4Cs of Decision Categorisation

Categorising beyond Type 1 and Type 2 decisions that I wrote about in my last couple of blogs can help decision makers. And right now, decision makers across the world can do with all the help they can get given the recently declared pandemic. The four Cs are Core, Complicated, Complex and Chaotic. The person behind this…
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The key to being FaB-er

FaB (Faster and Better) decision making is possible through the right categorisation. Without the categorisation used at Amazon between Type 1 consequential irreversible, and Type 2 reversible decision making that I wrote about last week, we run the risk of either undercooking or overcooking our decision making. What does this mean? It means that our decision…
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