Dealing with Measures that Don’t Matter (much)

I had two separate conversations last week about measures that don’t matter (much). One was with a client in the Not-for-Profit sector who needed to report “about a hundred” things to their regulator who are major funders of their programs. The second was in my Group Mentoring Program on Friday morning where we were discussing my blog…
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Wisdom Transforms

Recently I have been blogging about Measures that Transform. Figure 1 outlines the journey you need to take to ensure you don’t have measures that hurt, that you move beyond measures that simply matter and that you have measures that transform. That is, you take a journey from motion to direction to transformation. Motion – As with…
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KRI Measures that Transform

I’m on holidays right now and wrote this in the Qantas Club last week. Earlier this year I wrote some blogs using stories from my holidays. I hope to come back with some more beauties for you. Three of the stories were about risk appetite. One of the conversations I often have when discussing risk…
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Measures that Transform

I have been working with my friend and colleague Dr Andrew Pratley who is an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Sydney Business School in statistics and has researched the world of KPIs in organisations quite extensively. We help organisations shift from KPIs that create unnecessary friction between silos to having teams fired up and…
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My last two blogs were about risk appetite and they got me thinking about a conversation I had back in 2001. I was in a corporate role and I was deciding between setting myself up as a consultant or taking a different path in corporate. Being a risk guy at the time I applied for…
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