Bryan’s Blog: The Prevalence of Risk

The other day I attended a seminar promoting a number of keynote speakers who conference organisers can engage to lift the tone of their conferences. I was there for two reasons, to learn about delivering great speeches and to hear about their various concepts on life. Their topics ranged from how to manage creative people…
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Bryan’s Blog: Opportunity Management

Now as we break out of the GFC and opportunities abound, Opportunity Management is vital.  Read on about getting your Opportunity Management into shape and contact us if you would like some help. Are you Managing your Opportunities? Ask yourself these three questions: <nsbp;> Do you have a Strategic Risk Profile prepared in consultation with…
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Bryan’s Blog: Should Audit and Risk Committees be Separate?

Within an organisation, it is management’s responsibility to identify and manage risk and opportunity within a predefined risk appetite which has been established in consultation with the oversight body, most commonly a Board of Directors or an Advisory Board. Management is also responsible for reporting to the Board that risks and opportunities have been identified…
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Bryan’s Blog: The Risk Revolution – Chartered Accountants Business Forum

I was asked by the Institute of Chartered Accountants to explore “The Risk Revolution” and its implications for their members. I first challenged the concept of whether a revolution was indeed taking place, explained the aims of Enterprise Risk Management and asked whether ERM actually works. The take away: “People manage risk and culture is…
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