Bryan’s Blog: Selling Insurance using the “Burden of Risk”

Often it is hard to find the positives when talking to a client about why or how much insurance they should buy. One approach is to talk about the "Burden of Risk" and how insurance relieves some of the burden. Of course you need to talk about it in their language. Many business owners and…
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Bryan’s Blog: Risk management for managing complexity

Went to an RMIA breakfast this morning titled “Adapt or miss the boat”. Great talk on managing complexity and how risk management is the solution – and the guest speaker, David Burgess of Inform Consulting isn’t even a full blown risk management consultant.  Read on for my three main takeaways from the session: More and…
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Bryan’s Blog: A solution for a national catastrophe pool

What don’t the Queensland floods and the Christchurch earthquake have in common? Well besides the obvious flood vs earthquake, there are lots of glaring dissimilarities in terms of government risk financing for catastrophic events. New Zealand has the Earthquake Commission (EQC) which pays for damage for losses on residential properties from earthquake, natural landslip, volcanic,…
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