Crisis management should begin long before a crisis takes place. Unfortunately, too many businesses discount the idea of resilience prior to the onset of a crisis, working under the assumption that problems are to be dealt with as they occur. Working with crisis management consultants such as thought leader Bryan Whitefield can prepare any organisation for disaster, whether they are forced to deal with a blow to their reputation or a natural disaster that cannot be accounted for ahead of time.

Developing a Proper Crisis Management System

One of the most important things to understand is that resilience is about being able to deal with disasters as they occur. With a proper plan in place for dealing with crises, businesses can do far more than bounce back - they can even bounce forward, using those crises to build up their organisations, better and stronger than they were before.

Unfortunately, many businesses get caught up at the "survival" stage in regards to resilience, which leaves them operating at reduced capacity once a crisis strikes. Bryan helps businesses to build up through the various stages of crisis readiness, working with them to develop a crisis management system that allows them to progress until they reach such a point as they can leverage a crisis to their advantage. This kind of strategic planning can be instrumental in a business's success, both in the short term and the long term.

One of the foundational aspects of this kind of crisis management process is understanding the various types of crises that may arise and having the information needed to properly deal with these crises as they occur. Assessing risks ahead of time, determining the impact they could have on a business and coming up with strategies for mitigating those crises can help to build up an organisation's resilience. Bryan is skilled at helping organisations design this kind of crisis management process, which allows businesses to progress from the "bounce back" stage and into the "bounce forward" stage of resilience.

Influencing Decision Makers to Build Resilience

Another important thing that crisis management consultants such as Bryan Whitefield can help with is empowering risk management professionals to communicate the need for resilience to the C-Suite. Those who have heard that iconic phrase, "We have insurance for that," can begin to take the steps needed to put a crisis management system in place that will help in the event of any kind of major disaster, regardless of whether it impacts a business's physical location or its reputation.

Planning for crisis management is a critical task for building a resilient organisation. Working with a professional such as Bryan Whitefield can be one of the most important things that a business does when it comes to building their business strategy. Those who are interested in learning more about what Bryan can do for their business, from helping to organise a system for crisis management to creating workshops for those at the executive level, can contact Bryan to find out more.

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