I have written a book on persuasion. It’s called Winning Conversations: How to turn red tape into blue ribbon. In the book I talk about the need to be a persuasive risk adviser before you can be a trusted adviser. Do you know what it takes to be a persuasive risk adviser? And with recent COVID-19 disruption turning more conversations online than ever before, do you know what it takes to be a persuasive risk adviser ONLINE?

Bring a cuppa and join 10 or 12 others online and we will explore these questions.

This is for you

  • If you are a risk adviser and you would like some tips on how to become more persuasive.
  • If you lead a team of risk advisers within an organisation and you are looking for ideas to help them be more persuasive.
  • If you’re in Learning and Development and looking for avenues to help risk teams in your organisation to be more effective and would like to hear something fresh and new in the influencing space.

Why? Because I specialise in helping staff across support functions to increase their impact.

If this sounds like you please register below:

Morning Cuppa with Bryan: What does it take to be a Persuasive Risk Adviser ONLINE?

Friday, 12th June 2020, 11am-12.30pm AEST

Online via Zoom


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