$1,800.00 + GST

(Strictly limited to 12 participants. Book now to avoid disappointment.)

Wednesday, 5th October, 9am – 5pm, Professional Advantage, 500 Collins St, Melbourne

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One-day + Wisdom Webinars + Phone and Email Support for One Month

Understanding the Challenge
1. Perceptions of internal advisors
2. Achieving Persuasive Advisor status

The MCI Decision Model
1. Why decision making can be improved
2. MCI – Motivation – Clarification – Implementation

Stand – Paint – Tell – Make
1. How to stand in your internal client’s shoes
2. How to paint them a picture
3. How to tell them a story
4. How to make them believe

Action Plan
• Developing your toolbox
• Planning your journey
• Making yourself accountable

Wisdom Webinars
During the wisdom webinars you will share your successes with your cohort, share each other’s failures and make adjustments to your approach.  There are so many variations of an internal advisors challenge, sharing these experiences helps you to build up your toolbox of engagement tools and stories.

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