My stats guru colleague Dr Andrew Pratley and I are on the move to tackle Quantifornication – the plucking of likelihood, consequence and control effectiveness out of thin air. For decades we have witnessed first-hand how serious decisions about controls are more often than not made on gut feel rather than science, with costly and often-times disastrous outcomes. We would like to change that.

Our goal is to encourage you to seek out or create data that can be truly relied on for decision making. In this session we will be debunking the myths that better analysis is too time consuming, too costly or requires a level of understanding of numbers beyond that of most risk practitioners.

So bring a cuppa and join others online and we’ll delve into the control testing using science and show you why you need less skills than you think to strengthen your ability to influence decision makers around the efficacy of critical controls.

This is for you if you’re a risk practitioner and expert in your field who is:

  • Tired of standing by as control effectiveness ratings are plucked out of thin air
  • Wanting more science than gut feel when rating controls
  • Wanting some practical examples of how you can better understand the quality of your control environment

Why? Because it IS possible to measure control effectiveness to a 95% confidence interval with precious little data and turn control ratings from informed guesses to evidence-based estimates using data.

If this sounds like you please register below:

Afternoon Cuppa with Bryan and Andrew: Control Testing – Applying science to assessing control effectiveness

Wednesday, 25th November 2020, 1.30pm-3.00pm AEDT

Online via Zoom


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