Delivering Instant Success

Sorry. No such thing when it comes to Change Programs like implementing your risk framework. Ask any professional change manager. And they don’t teach a lot of change management at risk school, do they? Haha! What risk school? Most risk people get technical training. Few, as I have pointed out before in my blog, We must…
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Design Success – Kill TLM and Adopt T-PM

Kill the Three Lines Model and adopt what I call the Tri-Partite Model of Risk! In a nutshell, the essence of T-PM is: Business decision makers are wholly accountable for the decisions they make. The risk function is only responsible for providing advice but is wholly accountable for the quality of that advice. And the assurance function is wholly accountable for assessing the effectiveness of the two working…
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Designing Experiences

I like to think that when I work with boards, executive teams and other teams that they are buying an experience, as much as my knowledge of the topic at hand. That is, they feel engaged. Last week I emphasised the need to design great risk frameworks. The next bit of advice I give in Chapter…
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Checklist Designers

One of the worst insults you can throw at a risk practitioner is that you are merely a “checklist designer”. Chapter 6 of my book Risky Business: How Successful Organisations Embrace Uncertainty is titled Designing Success. When I run the RMIA’s Enterprise Risk Management program we discuss the level of maturity of the organisations that participants work in using…
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The End Game for Risk

Chapter 5 of my book Risky Business: How Successful Organisations Embrace Uncertainty is titled The End Game. (NEWS FLASH – the Kindle version of Risky Business is now on sale for just $2.99 from now until Thursday only.) Whenever I run workshops with senior leaders, I always make sure they understand what they should be looking to achieve from their investment in…
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