Does it Disturb or Excite You?

Does industry disruption disturb or excite you? Before you answer, consider this. Innovation is not disruption. Disruption is much, much, much bigger. Disruption turns an industry on its head. It creates massive shifts in markets, in how work is done and even if it is done. Last blog I wrote about that feeling of being like…
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Caught like a deer in headlights

You know the saying. It means we can see something coming, but we can’t move. Like a deer in headlights, often traditional organisations experience sheer inertia when faced with the light beams of disrupters to their industry. All talk, no action. So your job is to get your colleagues moving. First start with the good news.…
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Just Over the Horizon

You and your colleagues may often talk about what disruptor is just over the horizon. You might talk about AI, machine learning, robotics and someone will throw in a comment about “big data”. You might discuss how there is so much hype around future disruptors but little real action. But still, there is an inkling…
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The Refructure Phenomenon

There are many things that occur to disrupt you. From what I am seeing from my travels across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, right now one of the biggest disruptors is the dreaded restructure. There are so many restructures at the moment it is really f#(%ing with a whole lot of people’s heads. Hence…
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Your Pressure Relief Valve Must Work

There is a pressure cooker analogy for driving business performance. That is, apply plenty of heat to the pot (which is your team) and keep the lid firmly shut. The team will push harder to reach their goals. As a safety mechanism, all pressure cookers have a relief valve and so the analogy goes, make…
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