Reading the tea leaves

Reading the tea leaves is what most organisations are doing if they don’t do Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) well. They are trying to understand the past (lag KPIs) and predict the future (lead KPIs) with nefarious measures. Measures that are either: 1. Convenient – Typically plucked from a list of KPIs that seem to be

Decision Maps

Decision maps are key to ensuring the right guidance for staff so they can make better decisions, quicker and with more confidence. The result is a more agile organisation. Who doesn’t want that? Anyone who has planned a family trip or tried ordering for a group at a restaurant knows how simple things are if

Bazza and The Publican’s Appetite for Risk

I love using this example of why you need to agree, and to operationalise, risk appetite for staff – to align the poles so to speak. It is not a corporate example. It is from every day living. Well not quite every day, but you will get the gist. I was “up the coast” one summer. A

Risk Appetite – Aligning the Poles

Your staff come to work and bring their best selves (mostly). However, each ‘best self’ can have a different appetite for risk taking. If you haven’t already, survey their attitude to risk to their personal safety or their personal financial risk. Here in lies the need for them to understand the organisation’s appetite for risk

Delivering Instant Success

Sorry. No such thing when it comes to Change Programs like implementing your risk framework. Ask any professional change manager. And they don’t teach a lot of change management at risk school, do they? Haha! What risk school? Most risk people get technical training. Few, as I have pointed out before in my blog, We must