Thodey Nailed It

I have shared this story before and I just have to share it again as I told it no fewer than six times this week in various presentations and training programs. It is the story of David Thodey, when still CEO of Telstra. He was be interviewed at a UNSW Business School seminar by Narelle

Control Geeks not Freaks

Process control has a very specific meaning in the chemical industry. It refers to the system used for controlling a chemical plant. All the various instruments on pumps, vessels, reactors, heat exchangers and the like feed into the control room where the operators monitor screens, react to alarms and manipulate the system to maximise output.

Intelligent Risk Taking

Next week I am hosting a roundtable discussion on the future of risk frameworks. I am uncertain as to what may be discovered, however, what I do know is that the topic is of interest. The seats filled fast, and I had a number of my readers send me a note about it, some who

Synthesise your framework

Last week I had leadership expert Ingrid Messner present on Wise Leadership to my Risk Leadership group. One of her leadership tips on influencing stakeholders was to apply systems thinking. To develop a mental model of all the pieces of the puzzle that are influencing a person and the decisions they need to make. The

Enable your success

You have probably heard the risk function being called an enabling function. Because it is. It helps the main producing areas of the business to be more successful. When I present to executive teams to give them a picture of enterprise risk management, the first thing I do is dispel any hint of the myth