Actually, It’s not about you; two

Nope! It’s not bad grammar. Last week I wrote about your message not being about what you want, it's about what they want. This is another blog emphasising the point. I recently received another example of the importance of your message not being about you. This time via a blog by international bestselling author and famous blogger…
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Actually, It’s not about you

Last week I wrote about Painful vs Persuasive Presentations. In it I listed ten things not to do as a presenter. I was complaining about the quality of presentations at a conference I had been to recently. I stated that the messages themselves were not bad, just the presentation. But when is the last time you…
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Painful vs Persuasive Presentations

Surely not in 2019. Surely not. I was at a conference last week and the standard of presentations was appalling. Not what they had to say, it was how they presented using PowerPoint. Eighty percent of them, including ones from the “Big 4” firms were just crap. How about this for a starting “Top Ten” list…
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Dealing with Parselmouths

If you are a lover of the Harry Potter series, you will have heard of parseltongue. The language of serpents. A Parselmouth is anyone able to speak parseltongue. If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about, you are reading this and feeling at least a little uncomfortable. Relax, it is all make-believe.…
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Awareness of Bias

This is the last in a series of blogs about awareness to highlight Risk Awareness Week running online globally in October that I am presenting at. I’ve covered safety, sudden disruptions and awareness in the boardroom. Back in July this year I wrote about the key role risk advisers have in creating awareness of personal bias in leaders in organisations. If you haven’t…
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