Pointed Estimates

My stats guru colleague Dr Andrew Pratley and I are on the move to tackle Quantifornication, the plucking of numbers out of thin air. Here is the first in a series co-written together. One of the biggest problems with estimates is that it takes a long time to find out if you were right. A year for…
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Accuracy over Buckshot

WARNING – If you are a vegetarian, vegan or an animal lover you may be offended by the story in this blog post. When you're presented with numbers you don't know if they are buckshot or accurate. You often assume the latter when it is often the former. You must often witness people plucking out…
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The Strategy Funnel Part II

One of my readers reached out to me after I introduced the strategy funnel last week which made me decide to prepare an example of how the approach works for a prolonged crisis, like COVID-19. One of my sons co-manages the bars in a three-level restaurant offering a variety of dining experiences. It is located…
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The Strategy Funnel

I’ve taken a sales and marketing tool and turned it into a strategy tool that you might find very helpful right now. The concept works like this: There are a range of possible futures playing out for each of us. None we can be certain about. The further out in time we look the more…
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Observe within as much as (with)out

Observe your team and look for signals from the outside. Two weeks ago I wrote about the need to diagnose challenges in order to lead. Last week I wrote about the behaviours you are seeing from customers. This week I want you to think about the behaviours you are seeing in your team. There are clues there…
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