ETU or Expect the Unexpected has never been more apt a saying than over the past 21 months. And, with a wee few headline (ha!) about Omicron to remind us as we start winding down for the calendar year and start planning our 2022… how should we plan? A good question. I’ll give you two

Roles Played

It’s interesting how so many things scale in unison. In large organisations there is often talk about silos. But silos exist in small organisations as well. Even for my organisation of three. Me, my EA, Paula and my Relationship Manger, Wendy. And as you and I know, enterprise risk management is a great tool for

Fighting your way inside the tent

Have you ever thought about why internal advisors such as accountants, lawyers, risk managers, auditors, HR managers, IT managers and many other back-of-house advisors struggle to ensure their advice is heeded by the business leaders they are advising? One very big reason is because they are operating “outside the tent”. That is, you are not

Poo Poo the Poo Poo-ers

My first Poo Poo the Poo Poo-ers blog was back in January 2018. I was writing about resistors, the Poo Poo-ers of new ideas because of reading this article from the Harvard Business Review Overcome Resistance to Change with Two Conversations. As it was the beginning of a new year I wrote that: “Right now,

No Regrets

We are all prone to impulsiveness at different times. Sometimes that can lead to one hell of a fun ride and other times it can lead to regret. For a no regrets lifestyle we need to work with our tendency for impulsiveness. In Daniel Kahnemann’s book Thinking Fast and Slow he gives more than forty