Deciding to take a risk is the starting point of any strategy

Key Resources for Tribe Building

Advice that cuts through

Key Resources for Tribe Building

Make strategic decisions
and implement them successfully

Key Resources for Tribe Building

Through my consulting, facilitating and training
I can help you take the right risks
to grow your business

Key Resources for Tribe Building

Consulting, Facilitating and Training

Key Resources for Tribe Building



Flipping risk from being perceived as a compliance function to being seen as critical for organisational growth remains one of the biggest opportunities available to organisations today. In the words of Pixar’s Ed Catmull: “…if we only made low-commercial-risk films, we would become creatively bankrupt…we make conscious choices to assume different levels of risk. This isn’t the same thing as risk minimization or spreading risk.”



A strategy is of itself a hypothesis. Something that is proved true or false overtime. Like a Nobel Prize winning scientist who started with a hypothesis, the secret to a great strategy is creative thinking and hard analysis. Combined, they shift a strategic plan from an aspirational wish list to a creative pathway for you and your organisation to travel.



The average conversation to decide a critical path takes about 15 minutes. Not a minute can be wasted. Why? Because every person you meet puts up invisible barriers to defend themselves from greedy sales people, poor advice or advice that may conflict with their personal agenda. The art and science of influence is all about finding a pathway through those barriers so you can make the impact you were born to make.

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