Risk Leadership Group

A safe place to be challenged while learning from peers ONLINE

Networking groups are created to provide you with a resource for advice and to pick up tips during the conversations. Most don’t live up to expectations. The energy of the members peters out. To join my Risk Leadership Group you need to invest. You expect results. And you get them.

A complete risk professional

To be a complete risk professional you:

  • Have honed 80% of the skills necessary for your role and are competent in the remaining 20%.
  • Have a network of peers to rely on when new challenges arise.
  • Are continually presenting new opportunities to yourself to learn and grow.

I will help you grow as a risk professional so that your advice is heard and acted on. So you are the first person called when difficult decisions are to be made.

Not many volunteer peer networking groups deliver what they promise. Quality of conversation, challenge of intellect, regularity of events may start well but seldom do they survive more than a few months.

I guarantee quality, challenge and regularity through my own thought leadership and through my invited guest speakers. All you need to do is be present with presence.

If you are a senior risk professional wishing to take the extra steps to increase your impact and elevate your status as a trusted adviser, you need to be in the ONLINE room with other like-minded professionals.

Just like the medical profession, the risk profession requires structure and fundamental skills to be a GP. Some branches require specialisation as there is so much to learn and become experienced in. Then there are other skills that differentiate a great medico from one that is tolerated by their patients. They are able to go deeper with their thinking (diagnosis), understand how culture plays a part in how people relate to medicos and act, or not, on their advice. And have little tricks up their sleeves to create change in people’s lives. All backed up with the ability to provide the facts (quantification). And of course the really great medicos are master influencers. Same as the best risk professionals.

Which of the skills in the table below do you think you have mastered and which do you think you should be working on? Better still, go ask some of your stakeholders how they rate your skills in these core areas.

Schedule and Pricing

When: 9.00am – 10.00am AEDT/AEST on the below dates:

First Session: 9 February 2024
Second Session: 1 March 2024
Third Session: 12 April 2024
Fourth Session: 10 May 2024
Fifth Session: 7 June 2024
Sixth Session: 5 July 2024
Seventh Session: 9 August 2024
Eighth Session: 6 September 2024
Ninth Session: 4 October 2024
Tenth Session: 15 November 2024

Where: Online sessions via Zoom Meeting

Price: $990 + GST (Invoiced once a year, includes a copy of Bryan’s book, Risky Business)


“I look forward to these sessions each month – I appreciate the context that the senior risk professionals from other industries bring to the discussion, and I also appreciate the curation of topics by Bryan. I highly recommend this for individuals who want to benefit from expanding their network of peers in a small group environment.”

– Michelle Holland, CRO, Queensland Police Service

“This is the 2nd year I have been a member of Bryan’s Risk Leadership Group. This group of varied Risk professionals brings a fresh approach to my thinking and has stretched my imagination to what is possible and has moved me past challenges I was experiencing.  The group members share tools, their challenges and how these were overcome, which deepens the solidarity.

Bryan invites inspiring guest speakers to the Leadership Group based on our collective needs and emerging industry trends, and I see myself being part of this group for many years to come.”

– Narelle Austin-Eames, Executive Manager – Quality & Risk, CatholicCare Wollongong

“I have attended Bryan’s risk leadership group for the last 2 years. Initially I thought it would be a good way to meet others and seek advice on general risky things as Bryan brings together various experts in risk from all sorts of industries. As a result I have continued to find new topics of interest and new relationships outside of my traditional network.

What I find extremely insightful is that the approach to risk and the challenges across organisations are transferrable and the opportunity to hear from other risk people in a casual and collaborative setting is a highlight of my month, which I look forward to being a part of it. I must say, some of the guest’s Bryan introduces to the sessions, to challenge and promote other people’s views on technical and cultural opportunities – both for the organisation and for me as an individual – have been an unlock for me. I really appreciate Bryan’s effort to connect us with each other and external guests.”

– Andrew Booth, Head of Operational Risk, Cotton On Group

“It’s been amazing. What I get out of this group is the diversity of people from all different industries and the organisations. I’ve learned heaps from all the participants here, the concepts they share to figure out what I can use from their industries, in mine.”

– Chirag Neghandi: Compliance Manager, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank

“The value of being in the group is being able to hear the diverse range of experience across all the different types and sizes of businesses. It allows me to understand what approaches people are using, or would like to adopt, to solve what are actually quite common risk management problems. The approaches and the context is really diverse across the participants and I find that very useful as we’re all facing similar problems at various stages of our maturity journey. It really is a great way of staying well informed about what other people are doing.”

– Phillip Meredith: Director Risk & Resilience, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment