With the havoc caused by COVID-19, organisations are under immense pressure. Profits have taken a big hit, supply chains have been disrupted and there is deep uncertainty about future government decisions and how they will impact business.

I want to take you from worrying about your strategy, to designing one that is going to restore your confidence and your profit. My goal is to shift you from being pessimistic about the current situation to being optimistic about the opportunities you have in front of you. It all starts with a conversation with others in the same situation as you.

So join me and a few others for an online conversation to explore this mind shift and change in direction.

This is for you:

  • If you’re uncertain about the decisions government will make
  • If you’re uncertain about how people will respond
  • If you’re uncertain about your ability to adapt to the extent that you need to

If you want to uncover a pathway for you to build confidence and spend more time implementing a profitable strategy and less time worrying about it, then register below:

Find your Future: What is the smartest move an Adaptive Leader could make right now?

Tuesday, 26th May 2020, 11am-12.30pm AEST

Online via Zoom


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