I have been working as an adviser internally and externally for 30 years throughout my journey from chemical engineer, to risk engineer to management consultant. I have worked with hundreds of organisations across the public and private sector and all sectors of industry. So I know that all advisers and those they advise face the same problem – giving and receiving valuable advice, succinctly and with clarity.

Because of my background in risk and particularly risk-based decision making, I came to realise that we all genuinely have trouble thinking with clarity when making key decisions. Even with a solid risk assessment in front of them I witnessed poor decisions being made by senior leaders. That is, I failed to influence their decision appropriately.

This made me realise how critical and difficult the role of advisers is. It is not enough to provide decision-makers with well-thought through options, advisers must understand the elements that may prevent good decisions being made and break them down.

Over the years I researched and studied many authors, models and approaches in my quest to better understand how advisors can maximise their ability to persuade and I have found a method that works for me and for many, many others I have had the pleasure of teaching through my training and mentoring programs and during the course of consulting assignments.

I have authored many papers over the years and in 2015 I took the plunge and wrote my first book, DECIDE How to Manage the Risk in your Decision Making. The more I use the MCI Decision Model on which the book is based the more convinced I am of the value of a simple model that can be used day-to-day, in business and for personal decision making. It never ceases to amaze me how we manage to trick ourselves into a poor decision so convincingly and easily.

Master the methods you will learn in my Persuasive Adviser Program and you will have significantly more control over your own destiny.

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