A different spin on capability

I follow Nassim Taleb’s (author of The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable) lead which is to not pay too much attention to business news otherwise you might start to believe you really do know what is going on in the market.  He says, don’t read it every day, it’s better to absorb,…
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What’s your appetite for doing business?

I was helping an organisation develop a risk appetite statement recently. The board members had not previously been exposed to such a “device” and as you would expect were a little reticent. While I pride myself on being able to communicate the value of more formal approaches to risk management in a way that it…
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Food for Thought V18: Why do we trust ourselves?

This article from the Wharton University of Pennsylvania entitled Confidence Games: Why People Don’t Trust Machines to Be Right highlights the issue of placing trust in our own judgement even though the facts tell us otherwise. In the article, Wharton professor Cade Massey and doctoral student Berkeley Dietvorst explain that once we use a predictive…
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