Food for Thought V17: What skills do you need to work on to be ultra-competitive in 5 years’ time?

One of my business mentors, Matt Church, brought this paper from the University of Phoenix Research Institute to my attention recently.  It makes a case for the following ten skills as the ones to develop and/or keep on top of:


The Circle of Knowledge

1. Sense-making

2. Social intelligence

3. Novel & adaptive thinking

4. Cross-cultural competency

5. Computational thinking

6. New-media literacy

7. Transdisciplinarity

8. Design mindset

9. Cognitive load management

10. Virtual collaboration

While for me cognitive load management, because of the sheer amount of information (just like this) that is coming at us, will be one of our biggest challenges, can I suggest to you that we will need to rely more than ever on all our cognitive capabilities to assess and understand the skills we will need for the future?  

We will need to investigate and explore more often, trial quickly, be keen observers of our trials and the trials of others and ensure we are exceptional listeners.  In the circle of knowledge diagram above I equate these skills back to our core senses for assessing the world in which we live.  Make sense to you?