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From Compliance to Leadership

In case you missed seeing this recent article of mine, as guest writer for Naveen Agarwal, where I encourage QA/RA functions to lean into driving innovation and revenue growth for their organisations, and not simply focus on compliance. Enjoy! According to some close observers of the medical device industry, Quality/Regulatory functions have become increasingly focused

Key Person Risk

I prepare for and run a lot of enterprise risk workshops for executives and boards. As you can imagine, there can be a lot going on in a team of execs or board members that can affect how the workshop will play out. It’s impossible to know them all. That means a facilitator always carries

Enterprising Risks

When I am preparing an executive team or board for an enterprise risk workshop, I say to them, there are three types of enterprise risks. Individual risks. A risk within a division or business unit that is of such significance that it deserves the attention of the executive and board. Enterprise systemic risks. That is,

Features of Frameworks

I have seen many, many corporate policies and frameworks in my time.  The one great tendency of the authors of policies and frameworks is to put way too much information into them and not focus enough on their main purpose – influencing decisions of staff. Nobel Prize winner Herbert A. Simon authored Administrative Behaviour first published

Capacity to Eat

Before you cook a meal you should consider who is dining with you and how much food will be sufficient. Some people have a higher capacity to eat than others, and sometimes one or more will be hungry – will have a higher appetite. It’s the same in business. Before determining your appetite for risk,