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Sensemaking. This is the answer to my question in my blog Extracting Teeth about why risk workshops should deliver the success your audience craves. Yes, they identify risks to help us understand the uncertainty surrounding the objectives we wish to achieve. However, in doing so, we are helping the business make sense of a crazy

Go Mental on Uncertainty

There is an adage that attack is the best form of defence. I’m very sure it applies when it comes to disruption. In a past blog of mine, I asked if disruption disturbs or excites you and your colleagues. I also gave you some ammunition so you could budge your colleagues into action if that

Working with Our Tendency to Indecisiveness

Our tendency for impulsiveness can lead to one hell of a fun ride and other times can lead to regret. Counter this with the fear of making the wrong decision.  Sometimes we are so uncertain as to the right decision we are frozen and unable to decide.  We fear regret.  The regret of pain and suffering or the

The Gift of Resilience

As we approach the end of this year, I find myself reflecting on the state of our world affairs and how the word ‘resilience’ springs to mind. It reminds me of a story about my friend, a narrative which I believe encapsulates the essence of my final blog for 2023. Let’s call my friend Mick.

Optify Your Advice

Optifying your advice is delivering the freedom to choose in the optimum way. Your optimum way. And it follows the Rule of Three. People like things in threes. Think of The Three Little Pigs or The Three Musketeers or Superman’s: ‘truth, justice and the American way’. Or ask Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’; or