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Embedding Better Practice

Does your management team fully understand the principles and the main mechanics of managing risk? Last week I wrote about better business practice and the use of simple business language to communicate what is actually good risk management. In 2024 you could ask; Do we really have to dumb down our language? Should business leaders

Better Business Practice

At the end of the RMIA Enterprise Risk Management course that I designed and run with my colleague, Lauren Jones, the last quarter hour is an opportunity to ask questions and to note some of the key learnings and actions that will be taken by participants. At the end of the most recent course we

Rewarding Risk

Have you ever asked yourself why people don’t take accountability for the more formal management of risk our risk frameworks demand? In particular, senior leaders? In my experience, a lack of accountability is not a conscious choice by a leader. It is a circumstance of something else. For example: Buy-in – They have not been


Sensemaking. This is the answer to my question in my blog Extracting Teeth about why risk workshops should deliver the success your audience craves. Yes, they identify risks to help us understand the uncertainty surrounding the objectives we wish to achieve. However, in doing so, we are helping the business make sense of a crazy

Go Mental on Uncertainty

There is an adage that attack is the best form of defence. I’m very sure it applies when it comes to disruption. In a past blog of mine, I asked if disruption disturbs or excites you and your colleagues. I also gave you some ammunition so you could budge your colleagues into action if that