The key to being FaB

Fab named their washing powder for its “fabulously clean, fabulously fresh and fabulously fragrant” qualities. My use of FaB is for Faster and Better decision making. STOP. Don’t hang up the phone. You and I know that you and I are great decision makers…..and everyone else has the problem… right? So. This is not about your decision making. It’s…
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We all need insights

Marie Curie provided insight, literally, that anyone would envy. Ask yourself what insight a doctor in World War I would have valued most. Insight, not a wonder drug that is penicillin that was only discovered in the next decade. Your answer (which I get very quickly when I ask it in workshop) may be “the ability to…
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From Fear to Understood

According to and (see I’ve done my research, the internet never lies, right?) Marie Curie said “Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood.” For those of you who are not right up on Curie, she was a scientist who discovered the chemical element now on the periodic…
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They’re mad as hatters

To you and me the disrupters are as mad as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. And you could be led to believe we all live in Wonderland. Not true. Only some of them are. Then there are the ones that large smart investors back. A couple of years back I went to an…
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Develop disruptive capability

You want to be the best in your industry. The leader. The disrupter. Maybe you just want to think like a disrupter so you can understand the risk industry disruption poses to your organisation. No matter the reason, there is a question of capability. You see, thinking like a disrupter is a mindset. And for…
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