Start a Mental Revolution

Recently I came upon this title in a paper I was reviewing as a judge for the ASEAN Risk Awards featuring entries from across South-East Asia: “Deputy Manager Changes and Mental Revolution”.  Boom! What a title.  While it might be a quirk from the translation from Indonesian it struck home for me what you should…
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Data by Design

This McKinsey article titled The expanding role of design in creating an end-to-end customer experience got me thinking. Dangerous I know, nevertheless this is what I came up with.  I recently blogged about Leading through Complexity and spoke of the need for leaders to add to their business acumen with scientific method and a vivid imagination. With every second…
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Bedtime Data Stories

Bedtime data stories are telling stories about data with data. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why bedtime stories?”. Maybe you grew up with them and you have kept up the tradition. Maybe you understand they are good for your child’s development, in particular their vocabulary, comprehension and the development of their creative brains. If so,…
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Exponential S-Curves – what the?

Those of you that know your maths know that an S-Curve can have an exponential portion to its curve but it can’t BE an exponential curve. However, I recently came across a diagram showing a series of S-curves overlaying an exponential curve which to me portrayed something very different to seeing either in isolation. It…
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Data Min(e)dset

There are data miners and then there is data mindset. The former are the people and/or their tools that do the digging through the numbers. The latter is about a whole lot more.  Last week I blogged about how to help people believe the numbers. This week I am going a big step further talking about…
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