Strategising with so much uncertainty

Uncertainty? What uncertainty? The one thing that is certain is that there will always be uncertainty! I’ve been thinking more deeply recently about the problems leaders like you are potentially dealing with. One of the most pressing problems falls on the demand side of your business. Some customers may have gone out of business or…
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Diagnosis Precedes Action in Leadership

Whether you are planning to lead on tackling a problem in your organisation or an opportunity to improve your own leadership, diagnosis comes first. A mechanic should not start stripping the engine before conducting some diagnostics. Nor should you buy a personal development book without asking yourself what type of book might serve you best.…
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Design think your way out

Some problems are seemingly intractable. One for you right now might be: “How do I plan for August when the current easing of social distancing and isolation restrictions may get reversed in a week, in a month or in the last week of July?” One answer is to use Design Thinking, to work smart in…
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Assumption Busting

Laid out in front of you are a range of scenarios as to how the coming months might play out. You have already been shocked and surprised since our world got turned on its head. How many more surprises are coming your way? What might you do about them? The answer is assumption busting. Identifying…
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Never Mistake Motion for Action

“Never Mistake Motion for Action” is a quote attributed to novelist Ernest Hemingway. This is poignant in the current environment because motion affects results while action effects results. Said another way, if you create motion, something will happen. If you take action, you plan something to happen. A few weeks ago I wrote about tooling for…
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