The Dog Owner’s Risk Appetite

Last week I wrote about the publican’s risk appetite using a story from the summer holidays. This one is also from the holidays although I was not there in person when the “event” occurred.  My friend (let’s call him Tony) is a dog owner. He and his family have a holiday home on the coast here in…
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The Publican’s Risk Appetite

I was “up the coast” this summer. A term well understood for those who live in Sydney and covers anywhere from the Central Coast to the Queensland border. As with most holidays you get a good story or three. One of mine is the quintessential Aussie story as well as a wonderful depiction of why…
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The Market Decides

For my last blog of the year I thought I would provide you with a list of my top blogs for 2018. That is, the ones most liked on LinkedIn or to which I had the most personal response. I hope you enjoy them. Good vs Bad Surprises  About the need to take risks. We’ve…
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Hi-Jacked or Hi-Impact

Are your back office and front office aligned? Are logistics aligned to sales, is procurement aligned to maintenance, is risk aligned to production? If not, there is a chance you have been hi-jacked by well-meaning technical specialists. So technical, so smart, that they have created too many technical requirements, surrounded by technical jargon, that it…
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Objectives: Hands on Hearts

When I work with boards and executive teams I am often heard to say, “hold your hands on your hearts and swear you will meet your objectives for this year. “ Now normally I am asking this during a planning session or risk workshop not with 24 hours of the year left to play out.…
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