Why Risk Management is failing in organisations

While there continues to be man-made catastrophes and Royal Commissions into the operation of industries such as finance and aged care, one must conclude that risk management has failed in many organisations. The banks and insurance companies were not bereft of resources focussed on risk and compliance. Unfortunately, their efforts had limited impact.  There are…
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Invaluable Advice

When is the last time you had someone look at you with their jaw dropped and their eyes wide? I hope it was recently. It could mean you just gave them invaluable advice. Invaluable advice is hard to come by unless you do the hard-smart work. That is the work that others won’t or can’t…
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Partnering to Make Risky Decisions

It is inherently difficult to make fantastic decisions all the time without outside assistance as we are all subject to deep-seated psychological biases — some genetic, some learned in our formative years and some a response to particular events in our lives. Therefore, forming a tight partnership between you and your advisers is key.  Partnerships are…
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Designing Agile Decision Making vs Agile Organisations

Recently I read an article by McKinsey titled The Journey to an Agile Organisation. The article steps you through how to transform an organisation from a “… static, siloed, structural hierarchy…” to an agile organisation “…characterized as a network of teams operating in rapid learning and decision-making cycles.”. As the article points out, the journey is…
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Acumen + Data = Precision

Last week I wrote about leading the business savvy in learning organisations 2020s style where I explained that a great business acumen is enhanced with creative thinking (see figure below). This week I concentrate on the relationship between the business savvy leader and the scientific types in organisations. The techos, the numbers people, the data guys. [caption…
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