Identifying Psychological Warfare

I expect the term psychological warfare interests you because you are wondering which kind I would be writing about. Would it be about China, the US Election or state border restrictions in Australia? None of those. It’s about needing to operate in a culture where psychological safety is not just lacking, it’s non-existent. Recently I…
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Finally I get stats 101

I don’t know if you have noticed, but I have been blogging about measurement, data, and statistics for the past 19 weeks. All to defeat quantifornication – the act of pulling numbers out of thin air for decision making. Numbers that are seemingly reliable but are not. This week, Tuesday 10th November at 15:00hrs AEDT,…
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Optify your advice

“Provided with the freedom to choose, decision makers are likely to act more rationally and be more fully behind the decision.” Is how I finished last week’s blog. Optifying your advice is delivering the freedom to choose in the optimum way. Your optimum way. And it follows the Rule of Three. People like things in threes.…
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Hating Restraints

People mostly don’t like to be restrained. We also don’t like some constraints but we like others. For example, we like choice when buying but we don’t like too many choices. Restraints on the other hand are an attack on our freedom. Take seat belts for example. They were first invented the century before last! The…
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Nudging Executives

Senior leaders love to be challenged, when you prove them right! Unfair? Yes. There are plenty of great leaders who truly want their staff to speak up. However, even some of these may suffer from measurement blindness. When it comes to numbers and decision making there are three positions people take. Believers These people believe…
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