Data Pilots

No, not unmanned aircraft flying us around the world! A small project to assess the value of a bigger data project and to stimulate interest and eventually strong support for the project. Why a pilot project before you go into a full blown project you know you will get benefit from? Because most big data…
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Creating Appetite

Last week I listened to Creativity 101 on the ABC Podcast This Working Life. Widely acclaimed creativity and innovation guru Sir Ken Robinson was being interviewed.  One of things that makes Sir Ken Robinson shake his head is how many organisations don’t do creativity and innovation well. He opined that it was because being creative by…
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In the past month or so with blogs on KPIs, KRIs and measures that don’t really matter I have been attempting to convince you to improve your measurement of what really matters in your organisation so that you can make better decisions. Along the way I have mentioned that some measures can actually hurt an organisation.  This week I wanted…
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Experiencing Expertise

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a masterclass with Paul Gow. Paul is a golf pro who is the golfing star (apologies to Andrew Daddo) of The Golf Show on Foxtel here in Australia. As a mid-handicap amateur golfer, I do my best year-on-year to improve my game. Some years are better than…
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Dealing with Measures that Don’t Matter (much)

I had two separate conversations last week about measures that don’t matter (much). One was with a client in the Not-for-Profit sector who needed to report “about a hundred” things to their regulator who are major funders of their programs. The second was in my Group Mentoring Program on Friday morning where we were discussing my blog…
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