Risk e-Views Vol 29 April 2013 – Risk Leadership: 3LoD

I saw this abbreviation, 3LoD, in a presentation the other day and it took me a few seconds before I worked out it refers to the Institute of Internal Auditors' whitepaper entitled The Three Lines of Defence. There are some very good aspects to the paper and a few I am not so keen on.…
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Risk e-Views Vol 28 March 2013 – Risk Leadership: Young Leadership

One of the great advantages of family holidays is the opportunity to learn from the younger generation. So often there is no end of surprises and you are walking away with your tail between your legs or nodding approvingly.   Why should we look for risk leadership from the uninitiated or those younger than us?:-…
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Risk e-Views Vol 27 February 2013 – Risk Leadership: The Need to Listen

A great TED video, which is about trying a different approach (listening) to aid small rural and 3rd world communities, inspired this month's musings. The first half is entertaining storytelling leading up to some interesting points about the need to listen if you wish to solve problems. I am sure you have experienced many of…
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