Risk e-Views Vol 43 July 2014 – Risk Leadership: Where are you on your personal S-Curve?

If you have attended a workshop or speech of mine in the last 10 years you may well have been exposed to my version of the risk management journey for organisations from Vulnerable to Resilient. I portray the journey using an S-Curve, as shown here:


The nature of an S-Curve is that it is relatively easy to run up the middle of the curve, however, it is difficult to move up the last 20% or so. So it is for organisations in their risk management journey and so it is for Risk Advisors in organisations.


My observation is that there are four phases along the S-Curve for a corporate risk advisor. They are:

•    Framework Designer

•    Perception Modifier

•    Behaviour Change and
•    Trusted Advisor

If you focus too much on framework design you are likely to make it too complex. Once you move on to modifying staff’s perceptions you begin to make substantial change in your world; that is, people seem to be listening. The real test is if you have moved on to become a Behaviour Changer. Are staff behaving the way you hope they will, are they making better decisions by taking more account of the uncertainty around those decisions? And then the ultimate goal is to become the Trusted Advisor. Are you getting invited to the table where the big decisions are being made?

Where are you on your personal S-Curve?

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