This survey is designed to identify how you influence and advise, and to get you thinking about the results you have achieved for your key stakeholders.

As you work through the ten brief questions you will identify areas that you can improve on. In five to ten minutes from now you will have some new goals. Setting goals is the necessary first step to improving your influencing and advising skills and at the same time elevating your impact on those you serve.

Persuasive Adviser Survey

I have a strong understanding of the objectives and challenges facing my internal stakeholders.

I understand my stakeholders won’t always agree with me. I rarely feel frustrated by this.

I feel excited about many of the stakeholder engagement meetings I have.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and I often use diagrams and sketches to get my point across.

I love a good story and often use stories in my presentations.

I always bring as many of the facts as I can muster to stakeholder meetings.

My relationship with my stakeholders is based on mutual respect, trust and shared solutions.

The change initiatives I introduce meet with low levels of resistance within a few months.

My stakeholders always talk to me before making a major decision involving my services.

My stakeholders often congratulate me on my practical approach to business. They rarely complain of too much red tape.

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