Becoming a highly effective persuasive advisor is now within your sights.  You have attended the program, learned the framework and had opportunity to trial it yourself and share what you have learned with others.  Now you need to embed what you have learned so it is a perfectly natural process that you go through for each and every engagement with those you wish to influence.  Stand, paint, tell, make – as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4.

There are two key support mechanisms you can employ to ensure you become the persuasive advisor you know you can be.

1. Peer Support

Make yourself accountable by making sure your peers know what you are trying to achieve.  Ask them to both remind you and to assess how well you stand, paint, tell and make.

2. Extension Pack

Choose one of the extension packs below.  Each pack provides different levels of help from me.  They will provide you with an opportunity to describe situations, unpack your proposed approach to an engagement and re-package it.  The larger packs will allow more detailed planning for tougher engagements that will require planning, testing of strategies and maybe a bit of a pep talk prior to a big occasion.

There is a level of persuasion that you have not previously imagined possible that is within your grasp.  Go for it.


3 x 1 hr Skype/Webinar Sessions                 $1,900 + GST              Add to Basket
over 3 months

1/2 day Face-to-face Session +                     $3,900 + GST              Add to Basket
3 Skype calls over 3 months

2 x 1/2 day Face-to-face Sessions +             $6,900 + GST              Add to Basket
6 Skype Calls over 6 months