DECIDE How to Manage the Risk in Your Decision Making


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There are times when fussing over a decision is at best unhelpful. There are times when you should rely on your gut instinct. And then there are strategic decisions that deal with the biggest issues facing your organisation and which are being made within a large cloud of uncertainty. These are the decisions that you must think through, that you must build a cohesive, smart strategy around. This book will help you discover:

  • The scale of the opportunity for improving your strategic decision making.
  • How your motivation creates mindset and your mindset creates blockers to sound decision making.
  • Doing the hard-smart work required for a smarter strategy is easier than you might think.
  • Smarter strategies that will help you to create an environment of cascading success, where you are emerging out of the success of one initiative and into the hands of another one, so your strategy cannot fail.
  • That your smartest strategy is based on your organisation’s capability, appetite for risk and the scale of the opportunity.

Using stories from adventurers, politicians, business leaders, sports people and from his personal experiences, Bryan brings to life the importance of a great decision. After all, our decisions define us. If you are a strategic leader looking to improve your decision making and form smarter strategies, this book is for you.