Bryan is passionate about risk. He understands risk’s fundamental importance in ensuring business and personal success and he understands it does not have to be difficult or complex.

Risk Consulting

Bryan has developed simple methodologies for organisations of all types and sizes, based on an initial assessment of your risk management maturity. You can do a quick self-assessment of your risk management maturity using his online Risk Maturity Survey. His methodologies include risk management and business continuity framework implementations using highly effective templates for risk assessment, risk reporting and for establishing the risk appetite of the organisation. He has also developed a unique skill for selling the risk management message to Boards, management and staff.

Risk Appetite and how it can help improve decision making throughout organisations is a hot topic at the moment. Click here to find out how it could make a difference for you.

Risk Training

You need everyone in the organisation to be thinking about risk management as a performance enabler rather than an exercise to keep Audit Committees and regulators happy. Remember, it is the best management tool for resource allocation – ever.

Bryan’s training programs are flexible and tiered. He offers Risk Leadership courses for Boards, Senior Management and for Risk Coordinators embedded in the business. He also runs programs to help transform risk teams into persuasive advisors of the businesses they serve. Details on the Risk Champions Program are here and details on the Persuasive Advisor Program are here. Contact Bryan now about the Board and/or Senior Management team leadership program you are looking for.

Organisational Resilience

You would much prefer to look like a trailblazer than a deer caught in the headlights when disaster strikes. A trailblazer is someone who not only manages a disaster event competently, they show real agility in decision making that allows the organisation to appear out of the ruins in a stronger position. A stronger position through a stronger reputation for management and decision making and a focus on customers.

Bryan’s world-class organisational resilience methodologies and frameworks ensure you are in a position to blaze a trail. He is well known for his ability to develop and facilitate realistic and highly engaging test exercises that test plans and prepare managers for the inevitable.


“My project team was charged with implementing a whole-of-enterprise, whole-of-asset-lifecycle risk control and assurance framework. This framework is being implemented within a large and complex federal government department, and is intended to provide not only a high degree of assurance that capability outcomes will be achieved, but also to allow demonstrations of compliance to WHS and Environmental Protection Legislations.

The team applied a spiral design approach to developing a risk-based, outcome-focused internal regulatory/assurance framework, and contracted Bryan to provide advice regarding setting up the risk-related aspects of the design.

Bryan contributed to three specific aspects; firstly, scoping the ‘state of play’ regarding the maturity and compatibility of existing risk management systems within the enterprise, which informed the implementation plan. Secondly, Bryan researched and provided advice about current best practice with respect to enterprise risk management, which informed the design process. Thirdly, and perhaps most fundamentally, Bryan joined our design effort and provided his considerable knowledge and expertise on the development of a strategic approach to managing risk in our enterprise.

Bryan is a very clear thinker and communicator. He has a wealth of risk experience in the strategic management of enterprise risk. His views on the need to consider an enterprise through three ‘Lines of Defence’ has proved to be an enduring and central component of our system design.”
Matt Brown, Australian Government

“RMP helped us review our thinking on risk management, bringing a more strategic approach to the way we view our risks and opportunities. Bryan’s style and pragmatic approach ensures board, management and staff feel confident with understanding the complexities of supervising and managing risk.”
Deborah Hoffman, General Manager, Research and Planning, Cerebral Palsy Alliance

“Bryan designed and implemented an enterprise risk management framework for Electrix, which involved training and risk profiling workshops with our staff throughout Australia. He was very easy to work with and used his wealth of experience to develop a framework specific for our needs and training modules that were well received and understood by our staff. Bryan also kept to the programme, meeting all of our deadlines. We definitely could not have achieved what we did without Bryan’s assistance.”
Joe Warren, General Manager Australia, Electrix Pty Ltd

“Bryan is a professional and strong facilitator who relates well to staff at all levels. As a regular facilitator for Austrade, he teases out critical issues to ensure that the objectives from each session are consistently achieved to a high level. Bryan’s mentoring capabilities have enabled us to progress large projects effectively, after only a few short and sharp sessions – clarifying scope, roles, deliverables and efficient strategies for getting the job done.”
David Moore, A/g Group Manager Business Effectiveness(Austrade Canberra)

“Bryan worked with us to develop a realistic desktop exercise scenario for DFAT’s head office and then facilitated the exercise scenario for over 50 management and staff. He showed great skill keeping such a large group engaged and moving through the exercise efficiently while drawing out key points along the way.”
Adam Robertson, Director, Corporate Planning Section, Executive, Planning and Evaluation Branch, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

“I would not hesitate to rely on Bryan’s services in relation to Business Continuity Planning. He is undoubtedly very knowledgeable, focussed and detail oriented while at the same time able to customise and coach a range of business teams through the eclectic array of scenarios and issues to be taken into account. Bryan’s professional approach stands him in good stead, particularly his ability to engage with a broad range of disciplines and teams across a complex business.”
Veronica Keating, Director, Quality & Risk Management, Navitas Professional and English Programs

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