Risk Maturity Reviews

Investing wisely to grow beyond resilient… to agile

The intent of a risk maturity review is to determine if the organisation’s approach to risk and compliance is driving decision makers to consider and put into place suitable processes for managing uncertainty. My risk maturity review will help your organisation extract insight and strategic leadership from your investment in risk management. 

A great risk maturity review

A great risk maturity assessment will:

  • Identify opportunities for reducing the cost of risk.
  • Map a path to improve management of emerging opportunities.
  • Assess the leadership and stewardship of staff in making risk versus reward decisions.
  • Increase stakeholder confidence you can deliver on your promises.

My risk maturity model assesses the extent your organisation is managing uncertainty via the five key building blocks that make up an organisation:

  1. Strategy & Performance
  2. People & Knowledge
  3. Processes & Systems
  4. Assets & Liabilities
  5. Capability & Culture

Through a series of structured interviews with optional staff surveys, I gain an understanding as to whether leaders across the business understand the effects of uncertainty and have put in place steps to manage through it.

If you would like to be more confident that your investment in risk management is paying off, let’s work through my pragmatic and clearly structured process to find out.

My risk management maturity model recognises the risk management journey starts slowly, accelerates quickly and then struggles to achieve maximum value for the organisation. My review will unlock for you, the steps you need to take to attain maximum value.

It’s like building a house. You expend a heap of resources before you see the rewards. And to make it just as you imagined it, takes that last bit of tender loving care.

My online Risk Maturity Healthcheck is a high level overview of my Risk Maturity Model.  After completing the Online Healthcheck you will receive a score, rating your risk management maturity level from “Vulnerable” to “Agile”.


  • Bryan completed a risk maturity review for the Commission.  Bryan completed what I would describe as a pragmatic review using a clearly structured process aligned to the ISO 31000 risk management standard and provided highly practical advice to guide the further development of our program.

    Sue Dawson, Commissioner, Health Care Complaints Commission NSW