Experiencing Expertise

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a masterclass with Paul Gow. Paul is a golf pro who is the golfing star (apologies to Andrew Daddo) of The Golf Show on Foxtel here in Australia. As a mid-handicap amateur golfer, I do my best year-on-year to improve my game. Some years are better than others. Yes, I have had 30-min lessons and each has made an immediate difference. However, a half-day masterclass was a whole different story. I experienced expertise.

Paul had two drills he put us through for chipping and for putting. Two skills that mere mortals have some hope of becoming competent in. Those drills allowed me to experience the perfectly rolled putt and the chip that landed and spun like a professional. Now don’t get me wrong, doing it time and time again is a combination of natural ability and practice but once or twice I had that feeling. And it was goooooooood.

When I compared what happened in the masterclass with Paul and my work with clients, I was able to see that when I am at my best, I am providing people with an experience they have never had before. They are experiencing my expertise.

Speaking of an experience, if you would like a free breakfast experience on persuasion with me and other like-minded individuals, send me a message with the subject line “Golf” and I will get in touch to book you into one of my breakfasts this year.