Selling Resilience

This week I’m sharing my paper ‘Selling Resilience’ with you that I wrote for those who understand the benefits of building resilience to enshrine organisational value and know that convincing the unenlightened is often hard to do. You see some people making decisions for short-term gain while riding their luck because it is the easier choice. Others you see being forced into decision-making based on short-term time horizons because of politics or the views of analysts or the short-sightedness of customers.

You know that an organisation’s responsibility to its stakeholders is to enshrine hard earned organisational value, not to leave the organisation so exposed it may be irrevocably damaged. You know that enshrining value takes foresight, resources and the courage of commitment. You also know that it requires the commitment of many stakeholders, not just the risk department or the Board or the CEO. You know you need to bring a raft of internal and external stakeholders along with you, otherwise your plans for resilience fail or at best you achieve piecemeal success.

My aim with this paper is to provide you with a blueprint for engaging the unenlightened, to give you the tools to help them understand their options and to guide them to enshrine the hard- earned value in your organisation. For the full paper click here.

Enjoy! And as always let me know your thoughts on this. I’d love to hear what you are thinking about risk and organisational resilience.

Stay safe!