How hard are you implementing? Have you thought through implementation strategy well? Do you have measures in place to know how you are tracking? Or are you simply doing? If any of your answers are not positive ones, here are some tips to shift you out of wimplementation. Whether you are implementing a risk management program or any other change program.

It starts with analysis.

First, stakeholder analysis. You need to be very clear on who you need to influence, and which stakeholders have the most influence on what you wish to achieve. Note, it is not always the established hierarchy. Next is a PESTLE analysis to assess the environment external to your change project. And lastly, a capability analysis so you know which areas of the business and which support functions may need more attention than others.

Now you are ready to determine your strategy. The approach you are going to take. For example, are there people in the business already on board with the change required that will welcome the challenge of implementation? Or will you need to recruit influencers and turn them into a team of change makers? In risk lingo, this means setting up a team of Risk Champions.

Finally, design your measures. How you will know you have arrived at your destination. As I proclaim in the RMIA’s Enterprise Risk Management Course I designed and run, you know when you have arrived when you are seeing the behaviours you want to see and none of the ones you don’t. Yes, measuring behaviours can be challenging but not insurmountable. An area I am exploring more and more with various clients as well as with my Risk Leadership Group. We meet monthly to share new ideas and experiences and I have an offer for you on this below, be sure to check it out.

Stay safe and get strong with your implementation.