Making Change

In 2017 Jeff Schwisow wrote in his book Projectify:

”In today’s business world, truly effective governance is more about
having a strategy for adapting to change and variability than being able to
predict the future and executing a plan that makes that prediction come true.”

No one is likely to argue with that point now!

Now let me apply similar thinking to the risk function in organisations:

In today’s risk function, truly effective risk management programs are more
about having a strategy to implement change than being able to quote “better
practice” and execute a plan that the business does not buy into.

Are you a change maker? Digby Scott, author of Change Makers, refers to change makers as:

“… self-driven, self-starters, who don’t need hand holding, but they do value
fresh perspectives, ideas and inspiration to help them make the impact they
want to make.”

Contrast this with one of the findings from the APRA report into the culture at CBA:

“The risk function was also described as focusing on policy writing and
correctness of frameworks over implementation and engagement with the

Trust me. The CBA were not alone when that was written in 2018 and they would not be alone now.

If you have designed as simple a framework as you can, your implementation plan must be designed to effect change. And you need to be a change maker. My four tips for you to drive effective change when implementing a risk management program are:

1. Stand in their shoes – You need to understand their perspective.

2. Paint them a picture – They need to see the end goal.

3. Tell them a story – They need to know how WE are going to get there.

4. Make them believe – They need to have confidence you will lead them well.

Which of these do you excel at? Please give me your views via this LinkedIn poll.