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The most common trend in organisations today is to ask staff to do more with less. Hence you need a team outside your team.

Sometimes this trend is driven by tough market conditions, sometimes by evidence of inefficiency and increasingly it is driven by the overwhelm coming from outside the organisation you are asked to cope with.

As the pressure mounts, all eyes turn to the support functions in organisations. The “overheads” that appear as a budget line item on the forecasts of the “producers” in the organisation. And what are many of those producers thinking? You and your support function are not adding anywhere near enough value.

Risk Culture: Build your Tribe of Advocates

Ultimately you and your team of support function experts need advocates within the business departments you serve. You need advocates who understand the importance of what you do, how you do it and, most importantly, they do it. 

Advocates will be your persuaders of the leadership within departments you wish to influence.

Here is what you will gain from Bryan’s Risk Culture: Build your Tribe of Advocates Program, a tribe of advocates that preach your mantra. A tribe that:


“Bryan clearly has extensive knowledge and experience and this enabled the content of the workshop to be delivered with confidence providing detailed examples to support learning objectives. An excellent training workshop, highly recommended to others.”

Dean Marshall, Head of Facilities Management, National Gallery of Australia

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Great content, thought-provoking ideas delivered with workable simplicity.”

Delene Kemp, Assistant Service Manager, Aon Risk Solutions

“A very useful workshop – very practical and something I will seek to put into practice.”

Peter Rourke, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research