Actually, It’s not about you; two

Nope! It’s not bad grammar. Last week I wrote about your message not being about what you want, it’s about what they want. This is another blog emphasising the point.

I recently received another example of the importance of your message not being about you. This time via a blog by international bestselling author and famous blogger Seth Godin. In it he gives a list of things to do if you want to change the mind of ten different types of people such as a scientist, a bureaucrat, a nerd … For example, he writes, “If you want to change the mind of a teenager, amplify the other teenagers.” However, he finishes with, “Other people don’t believe what you believe, and they don’t see what you see.”

That’s another way of saying “It’s important to you, but not them.”

And my main go-to for making sure you know what is important to them is my Persuasion Pyramid which I highlight in this blog of some time ago.