Bryan’s Blog: Play your Trump Card

Whether you love him or hate him, it must be said that Donald Trump has been a master in getting some people to listen to him, to agree with him, even like what he has to say.  He cuts through all the clutter and paints a picture that many people want to see.

No matter who you are advising, your children, your spouse, your boss or a manager and their team in another department, sometimes the challenge is so great, you need a trump card.

In the card games of Bridge and 500 (the former was taught to me by my Nana and Great Aunt and the latter during my university years) you always want a trump up your sleeve when the going gets tough.  When another player is taking control and the cards in your hand are running out, if you have a trump card, you can wrest control from them.

When you do, you get to take the last run towards the finish line.  If you have played your cards well, you cannot be stopped.

So my question to you is, “Do you have a trump card for each of the key people or groups of people you need to influence?”  A trump card has a message that will cut through all the noise and overwhelm.  It is a message that will land with impact.  If you don’t, design it now–before it’s too late.