Bryan’s Blog: Uncertainty is the strategic leader’s best friend

Uncertainty is a strategic leader’s best friend. How can it be otherwise? If there was enough certainty “everyone would be doing it!”

So what path does the strategic leader follow when the going gets tough? Run a workshop to find the next disrupter for your industry, review your digital strategy, hire younger talent who know how to work with social media or bring in a mindfulness guru? The funny thing is, any one of these ideas and a hundred others may well be the right thing to do. The question is, which one, or which ones?

What a strategic leader does is the hard-smart work. You dig, you develop and you deliver. There is no other way. Yes you can try the next idea that comes through the door or into your inbox, however, you will be way better off if you stop dealing with the mania that is coming at you, think things through, make a decision and see your decision through.

However, better be careful, don’t let what is driving you to make the decision cloud your judgement. At the end of the day it is a judgement, after the hard-smart work, and improving our judgement is what I am passionate about.