Caught like a deer in headlights

You know the saying. It means we can see something coming, but we can’t move. Like a deer in headlights, often traditional organisations experience sheer inertia when faced with the light beams of disrupters to their industry. All talk, no action.

So your job is to get your colleagues moving. First start with the good news. Let them know that if you stop and look at disruption in your industry you are likely to see strong growth potential. Most likely exponential. On the other hand, let them know if you are late adopters, you will see decline in key markets. Even 100% loss of a market sector. Remember, last week I suggested there is something just over the horizon.

You also need to explain that once you see the potential disruption, your options are not all difficult. They could include:

                           1. Watch and wait

                           2. Divest now while good value remains

                                                                                                   3. Invest in a disrupter

                                                                                                   4. Disrupt yourself

If you watch and wait, you will need good signals (Key Risk Indicators). Divesting can be difficult, in particular for those with vested interests. But if it becomes clear you are a late adopter it might be your best option. Investing in a disrupter can be challenging. Choosing which one, negotiating with people with a different mindset to you and your colleagues, working with them afterwards. Disrupting yourself is the most difficult because of those vested interests and the skill set it may require.

Your job is to help your colleagues to see the risk and/or to identify the opportunity that could be taken and to get them moving. That means three simple words are all you need to concentrate on:

             Assessment (risk) • Investment (opportunity) • Execution (action)