Don’t Vacillate

The more prepared you are the better you will facilitate. The less likely you will vacillate at a difficult moment.

Regardless, the ability to effectively facilitate a workshop is a wonderful skill to develop. When I facilitate I concentrate on three things:

  • To be in service of those in the room. I’m not the star.
  • To stimulate critical and creative thinking. I need to unlock their minds.
  • To be an advocate for everyone in the room. I will protect and promote.

In doing so you will encounter tense moments. Consequently, you need to develop your ability to be in the moment while at the same time hovering above the room observing everything that is happening.

I think some of the young gamers of today may well be great facilitators. Games where they are working in teams with a helicopter view to one side while the gamer is in the main action. They need to keep one eye on the action, one eye on the big picture and all the while working with their teammates, communicating with them, acting quickly and decisively.

If you can channel your gamer self or learn from a gamer to perfect this art, you will run more effective workshops. No bickering, with plenty of sound discussions and decisive action will be your reward.

Stay safe and please run engaging workshops.