Food for Thought V16: Pare Back Complexity

In my Trusted Advisor program I discuss the concept of wisdom with participants.  We draw out what it means and what it looks like.  I always ensure that simplicity gets onto the whiteboard.  At the end of the day, we all know that when we hear about something new that is very, very simple we are singularly impressed.

For many of us we have created complexity in what we do or deliver for seemingly many good reasons.  Take aircraft for example.  Around a century ago we went from a base structure with cockpit, landing wheels and wings to build aircraft with cabins, seats and TVs with an ability to cater for just about every need.  Some of the really successful airlines of today have pared back that complexity and become budget airlines (not unsafe airlines).  They don’t fly cargo, they won’t carry your cat or dog and it is BYO entertainment.

So my food for thought for this month is to ask yourself how you can pare back complexity in what you are doing.  Look to identify the underlying cause of the effects you or your product or service are having on stakeholders and eliminate the bad or unneeded and work harder on the good or needed.