Key Person Risk

I prepare for and run a lot of enterprise risk workshops for executives and boards. As you can imagine, there can be a lot going on in a team of execs or board members that can affect how the workshop will play out. It’s impossible to know them all. That means a facilitator always carries some personal risk that the workshop will go haywire. What I playfully call Key Person Risk. That is, the key risk to me when I am the one in the front of the room!

There are two key strategies I employ to minimise, if not eliminate, the risk. First is preparation of insight tools. If I provide insights to participants and deeply challenge their thinking, the focus by everyone is on the conversation. I know I have said it thousands of times, however, preparation is absolutely key to a successful workshop.

The second strategy is to insist on meeting with the CEO or Chair of the Board prior to the workshop. This has a two-fold benefit. The first is obvious, to make sure I am aware of their expectations and to get a feel for where the team or board is at. I won’t know all the hidden agendas, but I will get the vibe.

The second benefit is sharing my unstated aim from the meeting, making sure the CEO or Chair get a feeling for me. To give them confidence that I will deliver for their team/board. If I do that successfully, I have a friend in the room on the day of the workshop in case things start heading off-track. And that friend is numero uno, the top dog!

What strategies do you employ to ensure the success of your workshop?

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