Leading through complexity

Too many business leaders lack an appreciation for numbers and of science in general. Whether it be data or the value of scientific processes such as hypotheses testing and experimentation. 

What is also missing in many leaders is a vivid imagination. It is an absolute prerequisite to lead in this modern and complex world of ours. 

The figure represents what it means to be a great leader in complex times. 

To lead effectively, business acumen is a must. However, just being business savvy is not enough. Bringing in the ideas generated by scientists and elements of scientific rigour will provide new opportunities and deliver even more astute judgment. 

However, the catalyst to lead through complexity comes from a vivid imagination. It is what leads scientists beyond interesting lab experiments or thought bubbles to inventions that rock our world. It is what drives Elon Musk or Australia’s Scott Farquar and Mike Cannon-Brookes of Atlassian to see opportunities to innovate no one else can see. 

To lead today you need more than the knowledge and experience to do your job. You need to embrace data and scientific methods no matter your industry. And you need to stimulate your imagination. 

Start this week. Read a book, watch a TED talk or go to a networking event. Broaden your mind and those of others. 

What book have you been reading lately? Come across a TED talk lately you would recommend? I would love to hear from you. And if you want to catch up schedule a meeting with me here