Risk Leadership and how to be heard – the importance of appearance

More research that suggests our appearance is a key factor in our ability to influence others – this one is specific to women – blondes vs brunettes in fact.

My December newsletter was on Risk Leadership and how to be heard at the top.  In it I did not mention the importance of your appearance, however, I do mention it in my whitepaper on the same subject.  I refer to older studies that link salary to your height and to your appearance.

The Australian School of Business have just published an article that further supports this.  The conclusion was that blondes lag behind brunettes by as much as 9% early in their careers. For blondes the good news is they catch up fast and according to the article end up getting more promotions than brunettes.

Now I don’t care what hair colour you choose, what I do care about is that you care about your appearance.  Risk leaders have a tough job of selling the intangible.  Don’t show up looking casual when you are addressing the executive, look as professional as the advice they are seeking.