Bedtime Data Stories

Bedtime data stories are telling stories about data with data.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why bedtime stories?”. Maybe you grew up with them and you have kept up the tradition. Maybe you understand they are good for your child’s development, in particular their vocabulary, comprehension and the development of their creative brains. If so, you would be right as evidenced in this research published in the journal Pediatrics.

However, there is more to it than their personal development. You are also bonding with them and settling them after a big day.

OK. If it works with kids how might it work with adults? Well it works in the same way.

In my Persuasive Adviser Program I teach storytelling for the specific purpose of advising. The aim is to ensure your advice cuts through. I teach participants that telling stories works because it creates connection and connected people are more likely to be influenced than those standing cautiously at arm’s length. They connect people to you and/or to what you are advising them about.

So here is a tip. The next time you are looking to influence someone about a data challenge, create a bedtime data story. It is telling a story about data with data.

If you want a great example, look no further than this post by Tim Urban that I wrote about in my blog last week called Exponential S-Curves – what the?