Bryan’s Blog: Blind Spots are Black Spots

Last week I blogged about 4 wrong questions that I saw organisations trying to answer and wasting opportunity while doing so. Why did they do so? Why do we not always kick the goals we plan on kicking?

One very big answer is that we all have blind spots. They are inherent biases and research tells us that for complex decisions on a daily basis, our error rate is 15%. If we are talking decisions around “big” strategies, our error rate is 40 to 50%. Blind spots hurt us badly.

Let me tell you a story of admission that will give you some insight into one of my blind spots and what I have been able to do about it.

I published my first book called DECIDE How to Manage the Risk in Your Decision Making 18 months ago. One of my friends gave it to his future wife to read on a flight from the US to Australia. She sent me unsolicited feedback that went like this:

          Bryan, what a great read. I valued the insight into decision making and enjoyed the
          many stories and examples used BUT…

          I have visited your website. I have looked at your testimonials. Over 40% are from
          women BUT …

         Of all the stories and examples in your book you only reference three women!!!

My defence your honour is that I grew up in the 70s and attended a Catholic boys high school, I am sports-mad and back then female footy and cricket superstars were only just being born or had not even been born yet!

What have I done to rectify my blind spot? Well part of what I have done is to look more closely at what some of the business women in my life are doing and how they are doing it. There is much to admire.

Second, as I am writing my second book (on persuasion), I am actively seeking stories and examples from women. I am gaining some incredible insight. Loving it.

Have you thought about your blind spots lately?