Bryan’s Blog: VEGetables underlie clear thinking

You know the saying from your Mum, “You should eat your carrots. They’re good for your eyesight!”.

Carrots are a vegetable and the “VEG” in vegetable is a great acronym for understanding where your blind spots in your thinking come from.

Our blind spots are psychological biases created at the intersection of our Values, our Environment and our Genes. Whenever we are thinking and looking to make a decision, our subconscious is grappling with what is genetically encoded in our brains by nature, what has been instilled in us by our carers and support network and what we have experienced in our lives.

Our genetic coding tells us to be wary of people who are different to us. We are safest in the bosom of our tribe.

Our values tell us about being a good person and how best to thrive within our tribe.

Our environment affects them both. A strong and supportive tribe will affect our decision making differently to one that is under pressure and cracks are appearing in relationships.

Understand how your genes, your values and your current environment may impact your decision making and you will go a long way to improving your decision making and getting that 5-10% edge needed to succeed in leadership positions.