The only certainty is uncertainty. The Uncertainty Paradox!

I finished last year writing about our tendency towards impulsiveness and our counter-tendency towards indecisiveness. Both are very real and are played out under different circumstances EXCEPT the underlying issue is ‘uncertainty’.

Impulsiveness is a problem because we fail to consider the uncertainties well enough while indecisiveness raises its ugly head because we can see all the uncertainties. The solution? A little bit of effort to assess where exactly is the risk in your decision-making process. The source or sources will vary from one decision to another.

Try my MCI model to detox the uncertainty paradox!

1. Motivation: Understand your motivation in making the decision as what motivates us can create blockers to clear thinking.

2. Clarification: Clarify your options and don’t go straight to the first solution you thought of or was presented to you.

3. Implementation: Ask yourself this question – “Am I (we) ready, willing and able to see this through?” And that means right to the very, very end. Get distracted or lose interest and the game is lost.

MCI Decision Model

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