Bryan’s Blog: Working with our tendency for indecisiveness

Last blog I wrote about working with our tendency for impulsiveness. Which can lead to one hell of a fun ride and other times can lead to regret.

Counter this with the fear of making the wrong decision. Sometimes we are so uncertain as to the right decision we are frozen and unable to decide. We fear regret. The regret of pain and suffering or the regret that we missed out on a fantastic opportunity.

Creating angst over a decision is fine IF there is a hard deadline to make the decision. Eventually you will be forced to make it and then what is done is done. And, if you have done the hard-smart work (read the section of my book on hard-smart work here) required for great “strategic” decisions, then you will most likely have no regret.

What if it does not turn out as planned? Then it will be very, very easy to say “I have no regrets” as you did the hard-smart work and no one is to blame. There are no certainties in life.

What if there is no deadline, you have done the hard-smart work and you are still anxious about the decision? Then either the difference between the final options is so little in reality it simply doesn’t matter, or the two pathways are so different to each other, you are trying to compare an apple to an orange, when all you really need is a piece of fruit to be happy.

Just make the decision and enjoy the piece of fruit.