Bryan’s Blog: When the chief set direction, what did you have to say?

The role of the chief in any organisation, division or business unit is to set a firm direction for the organisation or team to follow.  That includes a clear purpose along with specific goals.  Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don’t.

The last time the chief set direction, what did you have to say?  Did you have enough knowledge to talk sensibly about the challenges you all faced?  Were you able to bring your expertise to the table and really get people thinking?  Were you able to provide some wisdom that no one else could bring so you got that vote of thanks, that look of praise?

Chiefs want more than knowledge. They want insight.

Chiefs want more than expertise. They want solutions.

Chiefs want more than wisdom.  They want unique solutions.

That kind of advice provides a competitive edge.

If you don’t understand the needs of the chief and you don’t provide more than insight, if you don’t at least provide solutions, you are not doing your job.  If you are going the next step and using your knowledge, expertise and wisdom to deliver unique solutions to deliver a competitive edge, you will be one of the first to be invited to take a seat at the table when the big decisions are made.

What did you say when the chief last set direction?