Leading the business savvy in a learning organisation

My recent blogs have been on leading learning organisations 2020s style (see figure below). This week I concentrate on the business savvy leaders in organisations. For example, the street smart, politically smart and strongly determined leaders that make things happen.

“Being business savvy is a terrific skill. A skill that can be learned. A skill that can be enhanced.”

Leading the Learning Organisation

One of the jobs of a leader of business savvy people in a learning organisation is to enhance their creative thinking. Too often business savvy people have to rely on their strong determination to get things done because they did not stop and think about how a problem could be solved or an opportunity could be taken in an innovative way.

Your business savvy people should create stronger partnerships with the creatives in your organisation. The ones that many business savvy people see as hair brained, expensive and unnecessary. 

The best way to improve the link between two different groups of people is to get them to stand in each other’s shoes.  

As a leader in your organisation, how are you getting the best from your business savvy leaders?