Start a Mental Revolution

Recently I came upon this title in a paper I was reviewing as a judge for the ASEAN Risk Awards featuring entries from across South-East Asia: “Deputy Manager Changes and Mental Revolution”. 

Boom! What a title. 

While it might be a quirk from the translation from Indonesian it struck home for me what you should aim for with your foray into the world of data. A mental revolution.

Five Steps to a Mental Revolution using Data

               1. Decide to stop spending and start investing               

               2. Develop a data mindset 

               3. Do data by design  

               4. Dream up your bedtime data stories  

               5. Dial up your influence by building trust with data

The aim of your mental revolution should be to democratise data so everyone in the organisation benefits. Data will no longer be the domain of the geeks from finance or IT. It will be available to everyone. 

A sign of a great democracy is voter turnout. A sign of the level of engagement of the populace. 

The same for an organisation that has democratised data. As you build your revolution, watch your “voter turnout” grow. Watch the number of staff that want to have their say.