We all need insights

Marie Curie provided insight, literally, that anyone would envy.

Ask yourself what insight a doctor in World War I would have valued most. Insight, not a wonder drug that is penicillin that was only discovered in the next decade.

Your answer (which I get very quickly when I ask it in workshop) may be “the ability to see bullets”. That is, bullets stuck inside the poor souls that had become “casualties” during the war. Curie designed, built and deployed (with the help of her 17yr old daughter) small, portable x-ray machines called Petit Curie. She gave doctors the ability to see bullets and shrapnel lodged in the body as well as bone fractures. Now that is insight.

I have the privilege of running workshops for boards, executives, project teams and, funnily enough marketing insights teams, and every one of them are looking for me to provide them with insights.

When you work with your stakeholders, do you provide them with insight?

I’ll give you a tip. If they are looking at their smartphones, rolling their eyes when they come to meetings (ouch), postponing meetings, not showing up to meetings (ouch), they are not getting insights from you.

I don’t mean to be harsh. I know you have so much to offer. But so many of our stakeholders are so frigging busy your message does not cut through.

Out of interest. Has my message about industry disruption in my last EIGHT blogs cut through? If so, I want to hear what has resonated. I want your questions. Send them through.