Wisdom Transforms

Recently I have been blogging about Measures that Transform. Figure 1 outlines the journey you need to take to ensure you don’t have measures that hurt, that you move beyond measures that simply matter and that you have measures that transform. That is, you take a journey from motion to direction to transformation.

Motion – As with many decisions we often agree that something needs to be done and go straight into implementation mode. For example, Boards and their Executive usually agree the need for KPIs for the organisation. The decision immediately gets the ball moving – into motion. However, motion alone can create measures that hurt (refer Measures that Transform blog).

Direction – If we stop and think about it and do some planning we will generally head in a much better direction. We will identify the measures that really matter.

Transformation – However, if you want KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or KRIs (Key Risk Indicators) that transform your organisation, the measures need to create wisdom.

Moving from motion to transformation takes effort and is above all a question of attitude. If you are stuck in motion only mode, there is often the attitude of “Let’s tick the box”. If you have measures that generally guide decision makers in the right direction the attitude is often “That’s good enough” or “It’s too hard to do any better”.

Organisations that have measures that transform have an attitude that says “We want to be the best”. Or as my dear mum would have said “If a job is worth doing it’s worth doing VERY well.” 

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