The following questions are designed to help you to identify what you can focus on during and after the Persuasive Adviser workshop. The questionnaire should only take you about ten minutes to complete.

Persuasive Adviser Program Survey

I have a strong understanding of the objectives and challenges facing my internal stakeholders.

I understand my stakeholders won’t always agree with me. I rarely feel frustrated by this.

I feel optimistic about many of the stakeholder engagement meetings I have.

I often use diagrams and sketches to get my point across.

I often use stories in my presentations.

I always bring as many of the facts as I can muster to stakeholder meetings.

A good stakeholder relationship can be defined as one based on mutual respect, trust and shared solutions.

What score out of five, where five is best, would you give for the overall quality of your relationships with your stakeholders?

Success is defined as a change initiative that has low levels of resistance after three months.

What score out of five, where five is best, would you give for the success of your change initiatives?

My stakeholders always engage me before making a major decision involving my services.

My stakeholders often congratulate me on my practical approach to business.

With respect to your stakeholders, what are the three most common complaints you hear when it comes to risk and compliance?

What do you see as your three top barriers to efficient and effective change initiatives with your stakeholders?

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